26 January 2008


i hope this doesn't come off as cynical, but i really don't like new york city. it's a nice city to visit. i love going to see shows there (just saw avenue q the other night with my mom - it was hysterical). it's great for a fun night out on the town, but i could never live there. seriously never. there are just too many people. everywhere you go, you are surrounded by far too many people, yet somehow that city manages to make you feel all alone. nobody makes eye contact, nobody talks to you. it's a large, lonely city. i have always felt this way about new york (and london among other cities but that's for another post).

so it may come as a surprise to some that my mom just got an apartment in new york. yes, that's right. she loves new york. my mom and i are very similar; my sisters actually call me mini-mom. but i do not share her love for the big apple. still, i have to pause to appreciate the view from her 15th floor corner apartment at 96th st and central park west. few views in the united states could compete with this. just imagine what it must look like in the summer.

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rovi said...

i like your blog. it seems like it could have been a good one. why did you decide to abandon it?