25 May 2007


i'm going to a feist concert on june 13th. as i was perusing their myspace page, i came across this music video....and after watching about ten seconds of it i realized it was filmed in prague! :)

13 May 2007

i did not turn into a giraffe

the saga continues...

surgery was monday. i was released from the hospital tuesday. wednesday and thursday i started eating real food, as opposed to the clear liquid diet i was on for monday and tuesday. thursday afternoon i started getting stomach cramps. you see, nothing in my digestive system had been moving since my surgery if you know what i mean. friday the cramps were worse, and my tongue was black. i went back on the clear liquid diet, plus ginger ale.

(this picture really doesn't do justice to the blackness of my tongue. also notice the tape on my neck. that is the location of my to-be battle scar.)

saturday i was half-half on the diet. i had some bread and chicken soup. my tongue went from kind of black to purple and back to normal by nighttime. today i'm not so sure what i want to do. my digestive system finally showed some movement today, but i think i'm going to keep my diet simple. i had some high-fiber cereal for breakfast. that should help things.

on a lighter note, i know how to solve a rubik's cube!

08 May 2007

the definition of irony

you are in the hospital recovering from a left thyroid lobectomy, a surgical procedure in which the left half of your thyroid is removed, and your cousin brings you a butterfly-shaped balloon.