28 July 2006

i was going to blog about the time two of my customers referred to kenyans as 'very primitive people', but i want to blog about this instead. enjoy.

look at me..am i not cuuuute?*

i think so...

mos' def...

but it does almost scare me how much solange and i have the same nose.

now i'm just trying to be artistic, buut i don't think it's working.

*proper response gwould be: joo kno', joo ar so budiful...joo cootie. i lob joo.

08 July 2006

i know

i've been absent, and i'm sorry. i have been busy and too tired and lazy to blog. i will return soon. if you're really concerned about what's happening in my life, write me an email. i might respond. or you could find me on myspace.

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