17 January 2007

south park studio

this is my sister, roxanne. excuse me, i should say...this is my interpretation of roxanne as a south park character. care to create your own?

Added a few hours later:
To appease Soraya, here is a variation on my "South Park Roxanne":

12 January 2007


first of all, please get advice about how to get along with our global community from a wombat.

okay now onto my real subject. a few days ago, i turned on my computer to find that my speakers are no longer working. and it's completely random. i didn't install any new programs or download anything..i haven't done anything that i can imagine would have caused this. so i have no sound coming from my speakers. and not only that, but there is a little red light coming out from my headphone port. strange, i thought. so then when i try changing the volume, my computer starts saying, "No, no! Don't do that! Not allowed!!!!" You don't believe me? Here, i'll prove it:

I actually have my computer telling me not to change the volume. What a moody piece of technology.

Okay so then when I open system preferences I find out that my computer thinks I am somehow connected to digital speakers. I don't even have the option to switch to internal speakers. However, when I plug in my headphones, the sound works perfectly fine! like i said...moody.

So roxanne and i searched and searched all over the apple support site (p.s. i really want the iphone) and couldn't find a solution. we searched google, and i found a couple message board threads with some people who had the same problem, but none of them figured out how to fix it. oh well, who needs sound anyway, right?

luis helped me out a lot yesterday. but he still couldn't figure out what the problem was, so he suggested that i call apple. i'm in israel, so that's not the most convenient thing to do. but luis was very helpful in letting me use his computer to use skype to call while i could talk through the problem and do some troubleshooting on my own computer. the guy i talked to had me do all these complicated things i was sure would help. for example, i had to turn off my computer, disconnect the power, take out the battery, and then hold down the power button for seven seconds. okay.....that didn't help. various other tactics of this sort proved to be useless.

luis and i did one last google search and found a guy with the same problem who did actually fix it! hooray! i guess somehow he stuck a matchstick in his headphone port and tickled the inside and it fixed his problem. here, read what he said:


meanwhile my speakers still don't work. i'm going to have to send it in for repair. great.

06 January 2007

i am literally speechless

wow i'm not even sure where to begin. i've been in haifa, israel for two weeks, visiting my sister roxanne. so much has happened...

i arrived on december 26th, and a bunch of my extended family members were already here. if you'd like a detailed description on each one of them, visit soraya's blog. she somehow forgot to include my uncle in her description. he's not in her picture. he was probably checking to see if the restaurant we were in had wifi.

we spent a good bit of time with my family here, as well as with a bunch of groupies. i have a cousin who looks like bono, so he developed quite a fanbase here. it was great.

both my sisters, my mom, and 8 of my extended family members were all here for the new year. we had a fun little celebration at a place on the top of mount carmel called arcaffe.

the family left on january 2nd. it was a sad night for all of us. then solange left on the 4th. my mom left tonight, the 6th. so now it's just me here. i'm the last of the clan, and i get to stay until january 14th! and seriously who wouldn't want to with a view like this:

oh, and i also performed at the open mic friday night. you can watch the video here.