19 October 2006

african elephants swinging from pink bananas and eating jellyfish

seriously dreading a stat quiz coming up in about 25 minutes.

going to boston today to see the opening of my mom's show! yay!

spending the weekend with good friends in amherst. :)

go listen to the new song i posted on myspace. it's called "Gems."

16 October 2006

backdorm's back

so for those of you who remember the backdorm boys...well let me start with an intro for the ones who don't know who they are. they are a duo of chinese boys who made a bunch of videos of themselves lipsinging backstreet boys songs and posted them on the internet. the most popular ones are "i want it that way" and "as long as you love me."

now that you know who they are, i have recently discovered that they made a special video dedicated to the participants and fans of the 2006 FIFA world cup.

can someone who speaks german please give us a translation?

09 October 2006

hairstyle 911

in response to a picture recently posted on martin's blog, i am posting these pictures of badi with short hair (before, during, and after a haircut in the czech republic in 2004). please, please, please....let's all encourage poor little badi to get a haircut.

maybe he has chosen to grow his hair out because he is experiencing some sort of quarter-life crisis now that he is 25. i guess it makes him feel younger....or something....

06 October 2006