12 February 2007

quick pic review

wow, i have way more things to do than i ever want to, yet i still find myself blogging to procrastinate. oh, well...this won't take long. (or so i like to tell myself). it's been a while since i've updated this virtual world, so i just want to give you a short photographic overview of what's been going on in my life the past few weeks.

i sent away my laptop to get my problems fixed a few weeks ago. it was sad to part but it came back in very good timing with all the problems fixed. :)

my roommates hosted a party entitled "anything but cups" in our room two weekends ago. here are some of the creative non-cups people used....a fishbowl and a coffee pot.

a pringles can... (sorry i can't figure out how to rotate the pic)

i got trained and certified in wilderness first aid. so basically if i'm ever out hiking in the backcountry and someone breaks a leg, i know how to make them a splint out of tree bark. here is the group i was trained with:

mona came to visit!!!! this is IN the reflecting pool at the lincoln memorial. i guess they drain it during winter...

and this is us with poo on our faces. (not really...it's a face mask, just in case you didn't sense the joking tone.)

i turned 21! this a picture from my pomegranate party! pomegranates were out of season, so we didn't actually have any, but there was pomegranate juice or syrup in everything else i made. i didn't make a cake, so here is me blowing out candles that we stuck in the leftover pomegranate-glazed eggplant.
and here are my roommates dressed in pomegranate-y colors. that's sarah, erica, erin, and jon. ok jon's not technically my roommate, but he kind of lives with us.

here is the pomegranate punch fountain. once again, i can't figure out how to rotate it..

alex came for my birthday weekend! this is us being tourists in front of the white house. (or is it the light house? hehe)

now i have a tooonn of homework to do, but i wanted to give a brief update before continuing with that.