22 December 2006

i must have angels

i had my last exam today! i'm done for the semester! yipeeeeeeee! funny story about my exam, though:

my exam was scheduled to be 12:20-2:20 today. so i scheduled everything around having my exam at that time. i planned my flight, i turned down lunch offers, i planned all my packing and everything around the fact that my exam was at that time.

this morning i got up at about 9:20 to get some packing and cleaning done, and i was also hoping to review a bit for my exam. but since i had so much time, i decided to take a bath. i get in the tub. it's about 9:40--when all of a sudden a thought comes to my head:

"I should get out of the tub, go to my computer, and check what time my exam is. Just in case."

Yes, it occured to me that this was a strange thought. Why would I interrupt my lovely hot relaxing bath to check on something trivial that I already know the answer to? Still, for SOME reason, I decided to follow my instincts. So I got out of the tub, sopping wet, and I went to my computer to check my exam time. Lo and behold.....


What in the world possessed me to GET OUT OF THE TUB and check on that? I will never know! All I can say is, someone up there is watching out for me. Because there is no logical reason I should have done that. Period.

Thank God I did. Ya-Baha'u'l-Abha!

And actually, my exam went really well. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went, especially considering the fact that I didn't review at all for it this morning. Seriously, someone up there is watching out for me.

09 December 2006

"mom, the statue of liberty isn't silver, it's greeeeen."

i'm way too tired to try to write anything worth reading, so i will give you a photo of a halloween long ago and let you draw from it whatever conclusions you wish. enjoy.

06 December 2006

the place 2 b

three years ago, i couldn't have named even one person i knew who lived in haifa and served at the Baha'i World Center. the story is now rapidly changing. slowly but surely, everyone i know is moving there.

okay, maybe *everyone* is a bit of an exaggeration. but it's really a lot. it is a really good thing in this case that my sister lives there. not only do i get to go for a month to see her, but i can also see all these other friends of mine who are moving there. and it truly is a magnificent place...i don't blame them for going. for more information on the Baha'i World Center or the Baha'i Faith visit this site.

i would elaborate on the whole topic, but i'm exhausted and i have piles of statistics homework to do.

01 December 2006

better know a district

in case any of you wanted more information about where i live, you can always trust stephen colbert....